NATURA project on nature-based solutions for urban resilience in the anthropocene launches

The newly-launched NATURA project will connect researchers and practitioners working on nature-based solutions and urban resilience across the world. It acts as a network of networks to share knowledge and address gaps in understanding of how nature-based solutions can enhance resilience to climate change. ENABLE is a part of the founding network.

Through thematic working groups, regional nodes, synthesis workshops, training and exchanges, NATURA will look into key remaining questions across different city contexts, specifically:

  • How multiple nature-based solutions provide overall benefits for urban resilience
  • How the social-cultural context affects nature-based solutions outcomes
  • How the ecological-biophysical context affects nature-based solutions outcomes
  • How the technological-infrastructural context affects nature-based solutions outcomes
  • How interactions between social-cultural, ecological-biophysical and technological-infrastructural contexts affect nature-based solutions outcomes

NATURA is funded by the US National Science Foundation.


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