ENABLE webinar – how an Urban Resilience Assessment helps us to better use green and blue infrastructure to respond to change

The ENABLE webinar #3 on ‘How can an Urban Resilience Assessment help us to better use green and blue infrastructure to respond to change’ will explore how an urban resilience assessment helps cities and other actors build capacity to deal with unexpected or unwanted change.

In this webinar, Erik Andersson, ENABLE project leader and Associate Professor at Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Sara Borgström, Assistant Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, will present how the resilience thinking approach can develop understanding of connections between people, social systems and green and blue infrastructure. They will highlight the need for this understanding to ensure a sustainable and resilient supply of the essential ecosystem services on which the wellbeing of urban residents depends. The urban resilience assessment process will be illustrated using the experiences of Stockholm.

During the webinar, facilitated by Chantal van Ham from IUCN and Alice Reil from ICLEI, there will be opportunity for participants to discuss their questions and ideas with the speakers.

The webinar will take place on Monday 27th May from 16h00 to 17h00 CET.

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